Baileys 57

Peninsula Pulse

We worked with the kind folks at Peninsula Pulse to create an internal system to help manage their clients and day to day tasks. Countless hours are being saved by implementing an automated solution to tasks that required manual processing. What used to take five hours now takes mere moments. With the peace of mind of knowing tedious tasks are being taken care of through the system we have put in place, resources can be put towards a better client experience.

Door County Broadband

Having worked with DCB (Door County Broadband) in the past, we were able to develop and implement tools to optimize day to day tasks/operations allowing for a smoother client experience.

Marine Craft Mattress

Marine Craft Mattress had been recommended to call us by another client and decided they needed to look towards modernizing and updating their website. After discussing the clients goals and creating a plan for the website, we setup a CMS (Content Management System). We then stylized the CMS to match the clients theme and populated it with the information they provided. The website follows several principles - It is Simple, Easy to Use, and Functional.

Horseshoe Bay Farms